Province Western Cape
Coordinates ; 33.9309° S, 18.5772° E
Area 5.52 km²
Municipality City of Cape Town

In the late 1600’s Elsje van Suurwaarde farmed this area having outlived two husbands The land changed hands many times in the years following her death. Some of the landowners rented allotments to coloured people who began moving to the area. In the late 1800s.
The area had plenty of water and wood which was useful for building and farming. It was then known as known as Elsie’s River Kraal. It was a good stopping place to let horses drink and rest. Also the famous Arcadia Coffee House catered for the travellers. The Transatlantic railway had a station at Elsie’s River. Farmers drove their wagons from the surrounding areas to meet the train. There was a further influx of people during the great depression. The area became very populated and was plagued with neglect and lack of services. From the 1940’s however, industries moved into the vicinity which brought employment opportunities. Today Elsie’s River has many modern amenities such as schools and libraries.

Useful Numbers

Police: 021 928 1400
Traffic department: 021 592 1158
Fire: Epping – 021 592 1158
Water: 0860 103 089
Electricity: 0860 103 089
Ambulance: 10177
Post office; 021 932 6027
Closest hospital; Day hospital – 021 932 6027
Clinic: 021 936 8885y
Pharmacy– 021 932 2955
SPCA: 021 700 4140 ( Cape of Good Hope
Schools: Elsies River High School-021 932 5085
Valhalla Primary School- 021 592 2003
Norwood Central Primary- 021 932 0841
Avonwood Primary School-021 932 3895
Valhalla Secondary School-021 932 6012
Cinda Park Primary School- 021 932 6510
Eldene Primary School-021 932 3895
Eurecon Primary School-021 931 2902
Elswood Primary School-021 932 6510
Edward Primary School-021 931-2309

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